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Confessions of a Chaser

Katie Bell
1 May
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Name (of character): Katelyn "Katie" Jessica Bell

House: GRYFFINDOR! Rawr.

Year: 7th
Appearance: basic, slim chaser built, dark blonde hair/blue eyes.

Personality: Jumpy. Eccentric. Active/Energetic. Loud. Happy. Yeeaah. Over competitive. Rude.

History: Her parents are divorced and she lives with her father, Reinhard Bell. The reasons her parents split, all she knows, is because of money. Her father said he'd tell her when she turns eighteen in May. Otherwise, basic childhood with the fact that going into Hogwarts she wanted and knew she'd be in a Qudditch team for her job. Reinhard is a children's team Quidditch coach, so she is *highly* encouraged to play.